GFRP Vs Membranes

GFRP Vs Membranes

 1) You can mask the problem but what happens when the membrane fails?

  All membranes eventually fail. When they do water precipitates through the concrete from above or percolates up from water contaminated soil below. In either case the corrosion cycle created by steel rebar will begin.

  When water reaches the steel reinforcement embedded in the concrete the following corrosion cycle begins.

 2) You can always repair the problem but will the repairs be permanent?

 Surface repairs temporarily halt water leakage. Residual moisture permeating the concrete causes steel reinforcement to continue to grow creating new cracks in the concrete. Frequent and expensive repairs result.

All membranes eventually fail

All membranes eventually fail

3) Fiberglass Rebar eliminates costly steel related corrosion issues.

 Replacing steel rebar with fiberglass rebar eliminates the corrosion cycle. Fiberglass reinforced structures are estimated to last 4 times longer than steel reinforced structures. In addition, fewer repairs will be needed over the life of the structure.

 Questions to consider when choosing membranes, coatings, and concrete additives.

 If the protective measure fails due to poor installation or other factors:

  •  Will your reinforcement begin to spall, and crack your concrete?
  • How will your reinforcements bond and structure strength be affected?

Will the protective measure eliminate all concrete cracking when it is exposed to heavy traffic?

  • When cracking occurs will it cause your reinforcement to degrade causing concrete cracking and spalling to occur?
  • Will your reinforcement loose its bond with the concrete?
  • How will the strength of your structure be impacted?

  Will protective measures prevent cracking in concrete due to foundation settling issues?

  • Will your reinforcement create additional spalling and cracking issues within your concrete?
  • When this occurs will your reinforcement begin to loose its bond with the concrete causing the strength of your structure to degrade?
  • Will reinforcement bond degradation of the reinforcement allow water to enter a structure-causing mold or water related damage?
  • Will surface repairs eliminate all spalling and cracking issues below the surface?